The Soaring Society of South Africa

 About Us

The SSSA is the legal body to which you must belong as stipulated in law by the CAA for the persuance of the sport & recreation of soaring / gliding in South Africa.
The SSSA is one of many ARO 's ( air recreation organizations) which represent the different sport & recreation disciplines.
The SSSA is also affiliated to the Aeroclub of South Africa which in turn represents all the sporting bodies at the CAA in a supporting role as well as the FAI (Federation Aeronautique International) .
The Aeroclub also interfaces with the "South African Sporting Commission" on matters such as national colours and sport developement isues.
Membership is obtained by subscribing directly to the SSSA.
Club operations
SSSA Clubs operate in terms of a manual of procedures written and published by the SSSA and approved by the CAA. It is not a rule book, but a blueprint for the safe operation of a gliding club.
The gliders you fly
Gliders are inspected on an annual basis by approved persons and the society maintains a register of airworthy gliders which have a current authority to fly. [ LS-1 certificate ]
Your instructors
To become instructors candidates must attend an SSSA approved course, run by a member of the Society's instructor panel. This ensures that all South African instructors work to consistent standards that compare with the best in the world. The Society publishes a regular instructors newsletter that keeps instructors up-to-date with current trends on all aspects of safety and instruction.
The airspace you fly in
The Society spends an increasing amount time negotiating to preserve soaring's freedom. In the past the Society has been instrumental in achieving more freedom for clubs than before.
Background education

The SSSA's soaring development panel have run countrywide lectures on basic meteorology and cross-country strategy. Fascinating stuff, and essential to anyone who really takes gliding seriously.?