The Soaring Society of South Africa

The Official SSSA Manual of Procedure

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Preamble to the Manual of Procedure of the Soaring Society of South Africa

  • The Manual of Procedure document serves to define the functions of the SSSA and the operating procedures of the SSSA as the ARO for gliding operations in South Africa. The current online version of the SSSA Manual of procedure has not yet been formally approved by SA CAA, however SA CAA has concented to it's use 'as-is' until such time as formal approval is granted
  • The document serves to assist the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Regulations Committee in the development of legislation and technical standards suitable for gliding operations in South Africa.
  • The document is based on international gliding best practice and is compliant with the current legislation.
  • The oversight of gliding operations in South Africa is performed by the SSSA and is based on adherence to this Manual of Procedure.
  • This document is under the responsibility of the SSSA Exco. Any changes to this document are to be approved by the SSSA Exco Chairman as a minimum. It is the responsibility of all parties involved to make sure they have the latest issue of this manual.