The Soaring Society of South Africa

Motorgliders = Opportunity



  Opportunity to launch when you are ready, opportunity to avoid landing out, but more importantly the opportunity to enhance your soaring.

  We have come a long way since the birth of the motorglider and its use to enhance the training of pilots. As in pure gliding, the use of composite materials and different power plants         now allow us to explore new boundaries. 

  Following representations from TMG pilots, SSSA has established a sub-section to promote greater TMG involvement in the broader gliding community.

  A quick survey was conducted to find out what TMG and self-launch pilots were wanting out of SSSA.

This may be summarised as:

  • Have a presence of the SSSA website for the TMG community (DONE!)
  • Fly-aways and simple fun tasks (DONE! – see calendar below)
  • Competitions (DONE! – see calendar below)
  • Better feedback on what various representatives of SSSA are doing re monitoring and giving input on regulatory matters effecting Gliding & TMG’s. (Watch this TMG Home Page for details)
  • Foster greater interaction between the gliding and TMG community (TMG’s coming to your club soon!)

The following is the proposed TMG calendar for 2017




Springs Fly-in and fun task  Sat 28th Jan


Brits Fly-in and fun task Sat 25th Feb


Potch Fly-in and glider instruction week-end 25/26th March


Underberg Fly-in long week-end 27th April – 1st May


Kroonstad Fly-in  and glider rides Sat 27th May


Goldfields Fly-in & glider instruction week-end 24th – 25th June


Tedderfield breakfast run Sat 29th July


Underberg Wave Expedition 8th – 14th August


Orient Fly-in Sat 23rd Sept


Parys Fly-in Sat 28th October


TMG Competition Goldfields (Dates to be Advised)


Gariep FAI Badgefest – Adamsfontein 4th – 24th December


 Our single biggest outstanding challenge to meet our commitment to the TMG community is to create an accurate mailing list of TMG and self-launch pilots.
 Please take the opportunity to register as an interested pilot by emailing your details to  giving:

 Email address
 Cell number
 Home SSSA Club
 Licence Endorsements (GPL,TMG, Self-launcher)
 and we will ensure that you receive regular feedback on planned events etc.
 John Olsson - SSSA Exco member for TMG’s.